• Job Creation
  • ​Poverty Alleviation 
  • Homelessness Reduction
  • Community Building  

Why Should A Company Work With A Social Enterprise? 

A Fountain House Micro-Business Incubator

To Contract With A Division of Linking Lives

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Fountain House launched Linking Lives Enterprises, its micro-business incubator, to empower people facing social and economic injustice to become economically independent. Rather than using the customary charity-based solutions, Linking Lives Enterprises employs market-based principles as a workforce development strategy. 

 Linking Lives Enterprises 

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 What Is

Social Enterprise? 

Benefits to Corporations: 

By contracting with a division of Linking Lives Enterprises, companies can meet their financial bottom line and simultaneously help solve some of of society's most pressing problems. 

Positive Social Outcomes: 

A social enterprise is a business that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. 

  • Competitive Prices ​  
  • ​Tax Incentives 
  • Promote Social Responsibility Programs
  • ​Heighten Staff Morale